1. Organization of occupational safety and health training process
2. Obtaining of occupational safety and health certificates
3. Occupational safety and health training in training center
4. Special training courses
5. Managers and specialists traning
6. OSH engineers training
7. Prices for training in training center
8. Professional assistance and consulting


The main difficulty in obtaining occupational safety and health certificates consists not so much in financial costs as the lack of personnel in workplace. Instead to discharge their immediate duties, employees are forced to sit for a few days at OSH courses.
What we can say about leadership? Indeed, according to Labour Protection Act of Ukraine and Occupational Safety and Health Training Standard Provisions, director of the enterprise must be trained at the General Occupational Safety Issues for Managers course.
Where you can find time for this? RACIO. specializes in solving these problems. We organize training for you and your employees in a specialized occupational safety and health center.


We have trainings for any programs and courses available:

1. General Occupational Safety and Health Issues;
2. Fundamentals of First Pre-Medical Care, Electrical Safety (any groups, under and above 1000V);
3. Works at Height, Arc-Welding and Gas-Flaming;
4. Operation of Pressure Vessels;
5. Operation on Loading Machines, and much more.
Our range of services and experience allows us to make the process rational and fully compliant with legislation in force.




The process of obtaining of occupational safety and health certificate When one makes sense of the laws and regulations in this area, such categories of workers require for training on general issues in the specialized OSH centers of Kiev and other cities:
1. Company executive.
2. Their deputies.
3. Work team leaders.
4. Occupational safety and health experts.
5. Engineering and technical employees supervising hazardous works.
6. Other professions and specialties.




Health and safety briefings are a source of major concern for managers at all levels. However, all employees at the enterprise must have occupational safety and health certificates. This document confirms that the employee underwent training where he/she got acquainted with all the aspects of on-site safety.
Occupational safety and health courses are necessary, but they take a lot of time and money. For solving this problem, Racio. organizes training in the specialized center.


Company executive independently selects the program:
– on general issues;
– fundamentals of first pre-medical care;
– electrical safety;
– works at height;
– arc-welding and gas-flaming;
– operation on loading machines.


Well-minded forming-up of the teaching process allows you to obtain industrial safety certificate with a minimum expenditure of time. Racio. takes care of its customers and always creates individual schedules for carrying out efficient training workshops.





Managers, deputies, work team leaders, as well as hazardous works team leaders must undergo occupational safety and health training.
In our center, you can complete occupational safety and health training during the day time, evening time, as well as distantly without discontinuing works. The last form shall be individually negotiated. The most effective algorithm for forming-up seminars and trainings is discussed for such courses.
Racio. organizes occupational safety and health training in strict compliance with modern statutory requirements. Educational process is supervised by the qualified OSH specialists.


If the company has occupational safety and health service, all its employees should be also trained on general issues. In addition, future members of the commission for verification of knowledge at the enterprise (usually 3 people) may be included here.
Also, special occupational safety and health training has to be passed by all employees whose activities relate to the performance of hazardous works according to Hazardous Works List NPAOP 0.00-8.24-05. For such category of employees, special training is conducted in occupational safety and health training center.
Upon the receipt of all necessary certificates, the management and authorized persons may conduct briefings, knowledge tests and certificates renewal by efforts of the enterprise.





Occupational safety and health training center has elaborated informative and useful study guides. Occupational safety and health courses are formed-up as rationally as possible using modern methods. Upon completion of classes, students can receive additional consultations on controversial issues.
Interesting form of material presentation, videos, infographics make it possible for the participants of courses to perceive useful, vital information in short terms.





Occupational safety and health training of managers is carried out on a common basis, together with employees, for creating friendly atmosphere. Also, courses may be held individually.
The last option provides for individual schedule of classes, where executive’s wishes regarding the time and place of training are taken into account.





Qualitative knowledge presented in a convenient and understandable form costs a lot. However, price of occupational safety and health training in our center is available to most companies of different forms of ownership. The price of courses can vary depending on the format of the event (in the center or on-site), number of students.
To order the training, just call contact telephone numbers or leave on-line application. Our specialists will answer all your questions, orient on free time, when it is possible to conduct courses for employees of your enterprise. Give us a call, write us, we are always open for cooperation.





RACIO. offers to take advantage of the free consultation from its specialist and solve the issues that arise concerning receipt of occupational safety and health certificates. There are many nuances in such area as special occupational safety and health training, and we know how to save your time and funds.

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