Each head in Kiev and region encounters the inspections by supervisory authorities resulting most frequently in the instructions and fines. At manufacturing enterprises, the fire safety question is even more sensitive; it should be ensured according to the special rules — in compliance with all the requirements for premises and equipment, training of staff, documentation, and much more.



Often and often, it is impossible to do this perfectly due to imperfections in legislation and restrictions of resources (financial or timing). There is a solution — fire safety consulting from RACIO experts. We know how to meet maximum of requirements with the minimal costs in this area.





Fire safety consulting will help capital companies of different levels when:
1. The enterprise performs works of special fire risk (welding, cutting, storage of fuels and lubricants, operation of filling stations, etc.).
2. The enterprise has to be checked by SESU.
3. Independent assessment of fire protection condition of your enterprise is required.
4. Controversial issues occurred after inspection carried out by government agencies.


For example, it is difficult to determine which documentation is needed to start work (instructions, log books, etc.) at a new enterprise. Large companies face with other problems — it is difficult to estimate the scope of necessary fire prevention measures, purchase of fire fighting equipment, special training of personnel on fire safety basics, etc. Fire safety consultations will help to determine and make the right choice of measures and tools to achieve the set goals.




This integrative event consists of several stages that affect fire safety management and implementation of existing statutory requirements. It is carried out in the form suiting specific situation and needs of the enterprise. The following main stages of specialists’ work can be distinguished:
– on-site visit and collection of information;
– information analysis;
– preparation of solutions.


Collection of information includes on-site studying of the problem, analysis of documentation, finding out of real situation.
Analytical work is carried out based on the company requirements and legislation in force.
Solution is a synthesis of the real needs of the enterprise, its current capabilities and current statutory requirements.
We will help to avoid systematic fines, and will make your work for fire safety compliance simple and understandable for you.

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