According to legislation of Ukraine, a scheduled occupational safety and health inspection by representatives of the State Labour Service of Ukraine may take place maximum once in 1, 3 and 5 years depending on the degree of risk of enterprise activity.
Unscheduled inspection can be conducted more often without considering any time periods strictly subject to availability of legislation infringements. However, moratorium does not apply to inspections by the State Labour Service of Ukraine. You may independently make sense of legislation and meet inspectors. You have no time to be up to speed on legislation and communication with regulatory authorities?


RACIO. will release you and your heads from bothers and resolve all inspection issues


Issued we help to solve.



Support of occupational safety and health inspections by our specialists includes the following package of services:
1. Preparation for inspection.
2. Receipt and registration of all necessary documents.
3. Direct support of inspections.
4. Regulations development.


During preparation, necessary documentation is developed: occupational safety and health instructions, regulations, orders, lots, etc. Additionally, our experts will teach your leaders how to competently conduct a dialogue with representatives of statutory authorities. Also, at this stage, trainings with staff are carried out in accordance with the needs of enterprise.


The absence of permits, test reports, manufacturer’s certificates, occupational safety and health certificates is a serious problem. During preparation for inspection, we will take care to receive them in various agencies of Kiev in advance.
For speeding up of necessary documents development, and there is little time before inspections as a rule, we recommend you to pass free OSH audit in advance. It relieves gaps you need to fill.


Both laws and regulations may be interpreted differently, which is often used by inspectors. Our experience and knowledge will help to avoid illegal instructions, significant occupational safety and health fines or close of your business. Our specialists will stand on protection of your interests during inspections.
We will get the job done and will not leave you to deal with the consequences of occupational safety and health audit alone.


Development of regulations is a new stage, which may also be optimized and made less costly for the company. We have solutions for those who want to correct shortcomings with minimal losses, and for those who do not agree with inspectors’ decisions.
Learn more about OSH inspections support from our specialists during consultation. We solve any problems in this and related areas for the entrepreneurs of Kiev and region.

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