If more than 50 persons are employed at the enterprise, a separate occupational safety and health service should be established in it. it is not very easy to build a competent occupational safety and health system from scratch. You can enforce a large number of instructions and procedures that will exist only on paper. In this case, quantity does not mean quality.


A carelessly constructed system of OSH documents:


1. Requires for a lot of financial and human resources for its maintenance.
2. Interferes with real business processes.
3. It is not clear to any of the officials.
And this results in that it does not work.


How to build occupational safety and health system at the enterprise with more than 20 persons staff?


There are three options to solve this problem:
1. Independent development of documents.
This option is suitable for you if you have enough time and necessary experience to engage in occupational safety and health independently. As a rule, in this case, development of documentation and its subsequent maintenance is entrusted to someone from employees. As a result, some OSH documents appear at the enterprise, which do not constitute any system and do not work in practice. As a result, you waste time of the existing company employee that is separated from performing its immediate duties in one way or another, and do not receive a full-fledged occupational safety and health system at the enterprise.
2. Staffing of OSH engineer.
Due to the specific nature of the market, it is very difficult to find a good specialist with the acceptable salary expectations even in Kiev.
3. Entering into agreement with outsourcing company.


Advantages of the solution:


1. Adequate cost.
2. Business-orientation instead of citing the legislation tenets.
3. Huge experience in its field due to the specifics of outsourcing.
4. No costs for tax deductions and unified social tax.
5. Responsibility of the legal entity.
In practice, entering into agreement with the specialized companies allows you to release resources for the production processes and receive the full support for occupational safety and health issues at the enterprise with more than 50 persons staff.


How we work?


At large enterprises, we undertake responsibility for all processes related to occupational safety and health. The scope of responsibility is stated in the contract.


What do you receive?


1. Full-time OSH engineer for your company.
2. Full package of documents;
3. Conducting all health and safety briefings with personnel and trainings with leaders;
4. Obtaining of all necessary permits and certificates.
5. Continuous support by the specialists, including during inspections or investigations of an accident;
6. We share your responsibility under the terms of the contract.


How to find out the cost and peculiarities of the services?


The cost of services depends on the number and structure of the staff schedule, the number of legal entities, and specifics of the works performed. Call or write to us and you will receive the exhaustive answer to all questions on OSH engineer services outsourcing.

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