Occupational safety and health at small enterprises of Ukraine with up to 20 persons staff is often given insufficient attention to. There are no OSH documents at such enterprises on the whole. However, management is responsible for the safety of its employees even at such small enterprises.


How to build occupational safety and health system at the enterprise with up to 20 persons staff?


You have 2 options:
1. Build it on your own (make sense of ins and outs of legislation, develop OSH documents, etc.).
2. Address the third-party specialists and not to waste time for learning the rules and laws.
In any case, you need to appoint a person responsible for occupational safety and health and maintain documentation in this area.


Ready Solutions


After development and implementation of the documents, comparatively little occupational safety and health work remains at such an enterprise. Therefore, the best solution is to order development of OSH documents and further to support the system on your own.


OSH Documents Development service includes the following stages:


1. Carrying out of the primary occupational safety and health audit at the enterprise.
2. Development of the full package of OSH documents.
3. Practical training with responsible persons of the enterprise on maintenance of the package of documents.
4. Obtaining of all necessary occupational safety and health certificates.


If you do not want to be responsible for occupational safety and health at your enterprise alone — you can always share it with us by signing the OSH engineer services outsourcing agreement.
The first option is suitable providing there are no serious risks or legal requirements in your field. The second option ensures that company managers and employees can deal with their direct duties, and you will not be held responsible for their incompetence in occupational safety and health matters.


How we work?


Our engineers visit your company and prepare a sales quote for you based on the findings of free occupational safety and health audit. After agreeing all the issues, we conclude the contract and proceed with works.
We always prepare documents specifically for your company. You will not receive any printed sample provisions or samples of OSH instructions from us. All documents will correspond to your staff schedule and nature of works in your company. All necessary documents will comprise all necessary data — dates, numbering of orders, names of responsible persons, etc. All log books will be filled in. You will only have to put signatures and seals.
The average period of preparation of OSH documents is 10 business days.


What do you receive?


1. The clear and easy-to-use package of documents that will require minimal intervention from you;
2. Professional training for your leaders after which they will realize how to use the developed documents practically;
3. Free of charge information support on all occupational safety and health issues within 12 months. 


How to find out the cost of services?


Contact us for a free consultation by telephone, via email or Viber. You can order a callback or free of charge occupational safety and health audit on web site.

Ask a specialist

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