Workplace labor conditions compliance certification at the enterprises of Kyiv and Ukraine must be carried out at least once per 5 years. The need sometimes occurs for an unscheduled event, for example, if working conditions have changed significantly. At the same time, workplace certification is carried out not for all professions.


You can go through the entire procedure by yourself and address for a part of work to the designated institution. However, this will lead to significant costs and probable problems with regulatory authorities, for example, on occupational safety and health in Kiev. In addition, you will spend a lot of time in search for a licensed enterprise. RACIO. offers a rational solution — you enter into agreement with us, and we perform all necessary works and submit final documents. All procedures and deliverables will fully comply with labor protection legislation.




Workplace certification is an activity consisting in identification of hazards in workplace. Its holding is a must. We will not only make measurements, draw up the necessary maps, but also completely arrange organizational documents: orders for the creation of certification commission, conducting of certification itself, minutes of the commission meetings and resulting documents. Our specialists will take into account the peculiarities of the enterprise and will help to minimize costs for working conditions inspection.


Workplace certification procedure assumes:
1. Creation of certification commission.
2. Determination of the profession for which certification is conducted.
3. Identification of hazardous and dangerous factors of workplaces.
4. Conducting of laboratory measurements.
5. Drawing up the map of working conditions and photos of the working day.




Each of these stages has the specific features of documenting. The measurements are carried out by a specialized accredited laboratory. Conducting of workplaces certification is not only a bureaucratic necessity. In some cases (for example, a labour accident), the results of certification can play a key role and radically change investigation findings and classification of the accident. The regulatory authorities will also have less chance to impose a fine due to occupational safety and health violations during the check or inspection.
We provide full documentary support of workplace certification procedure. Through our help, you can not only comply with the laws but also optimize your costs for the procedure.




Our company will study the features of your company and will prepare individual solution, which takes into account the specific nature of your industry. You will receive all the necessary documents and advise on the improvement of working conditions and complex activities. Have you still any questions about certification procedures? Order a callback or give us a call!


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PJSC “SEB Corporate Bank” during cooperation with “RACIO.” Company ( represented by the Spacialist of Labour Defense and Industrial Safety Oleksandr Ratia has received high-quality and competent advice on labour defense and fire prevention.

We would like to note efficient work of this company and its orientation on real business decisions.

Judging by results of our cooperation, we consider it possible to recommend “RACIO.” ( as a reliable and professional partner in the area of labour safety and fire prevention.

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  • Chairman of the Board of PJSC "SEB Corporate Bank"
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