Full audit of labor protection

проведение аудита по охране труда

A labor protection audit means a simple process – checking the documentation that the company maintains (or does not) and complies with legal standards.

Most often, Racio customers order labor protection audit , when it turns out that an inspection by the controlling authorities should be carried out soon. If during the inspection deviations from the norm are detected, our employees make adjustments that correspond not only to the law, but also to the specifics of the company’s work.

The main purpose of the audit for us is not to banally rewrite articles and recommendations from the Internet, but to bring documents to order, creating a clear and a logical system that guarantees the efficiency and safety of the workflow.

The purpose of the OT audit is to bring documents to order, creating a clear and logical system

During the audit, the following objectives are met:

The compliance of documents and company activities with the basic regulatory acts is determined;

The effectiveness of the labor protection system created at the enterprise is being established.

Independent evaluation of the OT system consists of several stages:

Check the relevant documentation, taking into account the specifics of the business sphere;

Checks whether the work performed is in compliance with the standards established by law;

Checking the availability of documentation and its compliance with legislative acts.

The main thing in the audit is not to identify gaps and determine how much the OT service documents correspond to the letter of the law. The main goal that we are firmly fulfilling is to help the top management in the preparation of adequate, logical documentation , and not a pile of useless papers. This seems like a mere formality until the first accident that may occur at work with an employee. If you have to deal with such cases, the documentation, put in order and allowing to identify the perpetrators of the incident, greatly simplifies the life of the company’s management. When the documentation is drawn up correctly, it is much easier to establish responsible persons for a specific work area or complex equipment.

After the audit is completed, the customer receives a written report with the results of the audit, violations and detailed recommendations for their speedy elimination.

An audit of labor protection is needed, first of all, not for controlling authorities, but for your peace of mind and effective work of your business. Hurry to order a professional and comprehensive audit at Racio.