Outsourcing of labor protection or purchase of sets of documents on labor protection? What do Kyiv companies choose?

выбор метода организации охраны труда

Labor protection, in other words safety precautions, it is a set of legal and technical measures that allow, on the one hand, to protect workers (for example, workers performing hazardous work) from possible injuries, and on the other hand, protect the business owner from subsequent security inspections during the investigation of an accident at work labor (safety measures), or during any other checks in the field of civil defense or safety measures.


Labor protection in Kiev is mainly present at industrial enterprises or firms with foreign capital. In the first case, God himself and the Law of Ukraine on labor protection ordered the employer to create a labor protection service, to hire labor protection engineer or conclude a contract for labor protection outsourcing (it’s good to find an outsourcing labor safety specialist in Kiev quite easily) and entrust this service or specialists to develop and maintain a labor safety management system (or, as it is called in the old way, safety procedures).

In the second case – enterprises with foreign capital – the owners of such firms are not located in Kiev, but somewhere abroad. Such enterprises prefer to stay away from bribes and other “hospitality” expenses, therefore it is they who most often conclude a contract for a subscription service for a labor protection enterprise (as already mentioned, it is quite simple to conclude a contract for a subscription service for a labor protection company in Kiev) or order development a set of documents on labor protection and fire safety.

Again, ordering a set of documents on health and safety in Kiev is quite simple. Several dozen companies in Kiev provide labor protection services in Kiev and the Kiev region. So this problem is solved within one to two weeks.

Both of these solutions are buy documents on labor protection in Kiev or order a subscription service for labor protection (Kiev) have both their pros and cons.

When outsourcing labor protection, you get a labor protection specialist with extensive experience, focused on a specific result in your field, and not just sitting on your pants in your office. At the same time, your labor safety costs per month will be lower than when hiring a full-time safety engineer, but higher than when deciding to “buy documents on labor protection and safety”. In this case, you will not need to allocate the time of your specialists to conduct training on labor protection and fire safety, training of personnel on labor protection, review of instructions, etc.

In the second case – buying a set of documents on health and safety – you save money on fees for subscription services for labor protection, but conducting briefings on health and safety and other organizational and technical safety measures fall on either the business owner or one of its employees.

Both the first and second decisions have the right to life. The enterprises of Kiev and the region choose both the first and second options for implementing a labor protection system in their offices, companies, and enterprises.