Does fire safety remain for you among the most acute problems? Fire safety outsourcing is a quick and simple solution of them. This service implies the transfer of functions in fire safety control of an external organization. You can order a fire safety outsourcing service from Racio. that will partially relieve you increasing the level of profitability of the enterprise.


The main advantage provided by fire safety outsourcing is opportunity to reduce the number of full-time employees, as some of the functions are transferred to specialists of our company.
Fire safety outsourcing sets the main objectives: to clearly monitor the implementation of fire fighting regulations, compliance with fire protection regime.




The main aspects of fire safety outsourcing:
– Analysis of fire safety standards, preparation of reports with major violations;
– Timely and correct filling in of reports;
– Conducting of briefings on fire safety measures;
– Organization and conducting of evacuation trainings;
– Conducting of professional consultations;
– Support of inspections on the part of regulatory authorities;
– Regular inspections of the facility to identify violations of FS rules.


The main advantages provided by fire safety outsourcing are cost savings, since this service will be cheaper than to pay to full-time employees. You save time — Racio. experts undertake all the responsibilities for carrying out inspections, filling in of the documentation. Owing to this service, business administration can direct forces to the company development.
Full security guarantee — performance of all FS regulations excludes probability of accidental fire. Employees of the company do not go on holidays and medical leaves, therefore, all norms are continuously implemented.




Fire safety outsourcing services ensure that all work in this area will be performed impeccably. Racio. staff consists of the qualified occupational safety and health specialists, in particular, in fire safety aspect.
The employees regularly perform FS inspections at various sites, therefore, they quickly detect violations and make recommendations for their elimination. Owing to extensive experience, the specialists quickly response to any situations related to safety violations, and take measures to solve the problems.

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