Fire Safety Basics

2 August 2017

Typical – “careless handling of fire “.


At least because in 2012 more than 64 were injured in Ukraine during the performance of their official duties (read – at work) 000 people. If you think that this happened in factories, factories and mines, then you are deeply mistaken. There, the number of victims amounted to slightly less than 2000, the remaining 62,000 people are emergency, LLC, SPD and others …

Note: Over 10 years of hostilities in Afghanistan, 25,000 died. That is approximately 2500 people died in the war per year.

None of these 64,000 people thought that something would happen to him today. These people were planning a weekend, fishing, summer vacations … Everything happened by chance, all of a sudden, “terribly stupid.”

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You will never ask this. No one in their right mind would ask such a question. And not a single person in their right mind would undertake to answer him. Because no one knows this.

In 2015, 78 thousand 528 fires occurred in Ukraine, 1905 people died, 1696 people were saved. In the residential sector there were 31,000 fires, in the manufacturing sector – 1768, in transport – 3199, somewhere in other places about which statistics are not aware – 42 488.

We pick up a calculator and get that every day in our country an average of 216 fires occurred. On the day, Karl! Every day, 5 died as a result of fires, and 4 were injured. Total an average of 9 people per day.

Did you turn off the iron when you rushed to work?

More statistics indicate that death by time of day has remained unchanged for many years. The greatest number of deaths at night – from 22 to 6 am (33%), during the day – from 10 to 18 hours (31%). Least of all people die in the evening (from 18 to 22 hours). We translate into Russian – most people die drunk in a dream or sober at work. Between 18-00 and 22-00 they still do not drink and are no longer working.

Have you ever smoked in bed?


1. “Careless handling of fire.”

Do you know that cucumbers are very harmful? According to statistics, 90% of people who died from cancer used cucumbers. 40% of people who died in car accidents the week before ate cucumbers. And 74% of fires are caused by people who eat cucumbers.

What does this mean? The fact that statistics can be interpreted as you like. The definition of “careless handling of fire” includes both smoking in the fuel and lubricants depot, the computer left for the night, and the welder’s phrase “Let’s go home, it goes out …”

That is, it doesn’t specifically say anything …

2. “… for technological reasons”

Take, for example, a beautiful fire – May 9, 2009 in Moscow (you can watch here ).
The official version of the Russian Emergencies Ministry: “The fire occurred due to anthropogenic causes.” It’s interesting, and for what other reasons can a gas pipeline fire occur? Naturally, that “technogenic” if the pipeline!

Fire on a gas pipeline in Moscow on May 9 2009

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Accordingly, the wording “technogenic reasons” also does not explain, why the gas was not blocked in time and the fire (flame height of about 40 meters) burned for several hours.


1. Official statistics do not know anything about the causes of fires.

2. In fact, fires occur for a variety of reasons. The main one is maybe.

So, we will study.

To be continued.


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