What influences the quality of work of the Labor Protection Service?

качество службы охраны труда

The labor protection service is an organization whose main task is to ensure safety in the workplace. The functions of the Labor Protection Department include carrying out measures to reduce industrial injuries, study sanitary standards, conduct briefings, develop a set of rules for working with production equipment, and monitor the presence of workers’ work clothes.

In order for the work of the labor protection service to be at the proper level, it is important to know the factors influencing its effectiveness.


We increase the efficiency of the labor protection service


Technical education and work experience

Labor protection engineermust have a technical education and work experience in this production for at least five years. Position requires knowledge of the Labor Code. Therefore, choosing a person for this position, be sure to pay attention to it. This is important, first of all, for the correct and high-quality performance of the following labor protection tasks:

– Conducting lectures, briefings, taking labor protection exams

– Assistance in organizing labor protection in structural units

– Training, advice on labor protection

– Development of documents on labor protection

– Participation in the investigation of accidents and accidents

Registration of an office of service of Labor protection

The equipment of the engineer room in OT plays an equally important role, as it is necessary for conducting thematic classes, lectures, seminars, briefings, knowledge tests, exams. So, what should be in the office of labor protection:

– Training and teaching materials, lecture manuals on labor protection

– Regulations pertaining directly to the specifics of production

– Availability of measuring instruments, personal computer, projector for training, training simulators

The labor protection service must have the necessary set of documents:

1. Annual work plan of the labor protection service

2. Occupational safety briefing for staff

3. Special programs of training and examination of employees on labor protection

4. Materials on occupational diseases, classifications of occupational injuries and accidents

5. Collective bargaining agreement (if available)

6. Orders, materials of the seminars devoted to labor protection

7. Job Certification Report

8. Materials labor safety audit

Improving working conditions is not only a downward trend in the statistics of industrial injuries and accident prevention, but also quite tangible economic results. Profit growth is always directly proportional to the work capacity of employees. Reducing financial losses due to injuries and illnesses, as a result of payments on sick leave, a decrease in staff turnover is quite a tangible, tangible result of the work of the labor protection service. Continuous improvement of working conditions is the main goal for which the Labor Protection Department conducts its daily activities: holds meetings, briefings and lectures.