Fire risk assessment


Fire safety at sites, especially when it comes to manufacturing enterprises, remains to be the source of concern for managers. Regular inspections by supervisory bodies are another reason for concern and waste of funds
Imperfect legislation, common non-acquaintance with its norms become a stumbling block that does not allow to create ideal fire safety conditions at the enterprise. Independent fire safety audit, conducted by Racio., may assist in solving this problem.


Independent fire audit allows you to identify all violations of fire safety and eliminate them prior to another inspection. Owing to independent inspection, company management gets the opportunity to reduce losses that would have gone to pay fines without conducting of audit.
Independent fire safety audit is conducted for the sole purpose — to achieve a high level of fire safety on-site.




– Analysis of the premises, facilities, equipments for compliance with fire safety rules;
– Assessment of possible fire risks;
– Verification of the correctness of filling in the fire safety engineering documentation;
– Development of proposals for elimination of violations.


During inspection, the experts examine the building and outside areas related to the facility to detect any violations of fire safety standards. Based on the audit findings, the written opinion is drawn up where all violations are indicated and recommendations for their elimination are obligatorily provided.
The auxiliary objectives achieved through the audit are: exclusion of the unpleasant phenomenon of bribery (during inspections by governmental authorities), identification of the objective requirements for improving security, reduction of time and financial costs for optimization of fire safety. In addition, you receive additional protection for your business.


In such a way, fire safety audit provides not only a real list of violations, but all actions for their elimination. The service makes it possible to save on possible fines which will arise during routine inspections, and to increase security level of the facility.




Independent assessment of fire risks provides the accurate and objective data on the condition of the inspected object in terms of fire safety standards. After completion of fire risk assessment, the client receives a detailed report stating how the enterprise meets the requirements of the relevant section of legislation.
The fire risks assessment conducted by Racio. specialists is carried out in the scope of the general independent audit.




If you need to conduct a fire audit, its price is calculated individually based on the characteristics of the particular facility. Factors forming the cost of service: the degree of danger of the facility, its purpose, number of floors, layout. The amount of audit is calculated in advance and will not change during its performance.
The cost of fire safety audit is much lower comparing to the costs after inspections by governmental authorities. It is much cheaper to eliminate inconsistencies according to company specialists who performed the audit than make the same but after inspection by the Ministry of Emergency Situations. It should be added that after fire safety audit the company is released from regular inspections — after elimination of all violations and opinion on full compliance of the facility with safety standards.


An independent audit, which price is affordable to leaders of small and large enterprises, helps to reduce time and financial costs in the near future.

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