First-aid kit at the enterprise: composition and characteristics of storage in 2019

12 January 2019

The employer must provide normal working conditions and provide the staff with the necessary means. First-aid kit – one of the main means, it should be at the manufacturing enterprise, as well as in the office and other workplaces. And, if it is present almost always and not in a single copy at objects with an increased risk of injuries, then as a rule, it is not present in open spaces and ordinary rooms or it’s just a set of expired or irrelevant drugs that no one can use.

What are the provisions of the legislation on equipment offices with first aid kits?

It’s a paradox, but: neither the Law of Ukraine on labor protection, nor the Procedure for conducting investigations accidents do not contain direct indications of the need to provide cabinets and offices with first-aid kits. However, these same documents oblige the employer, if necessary, to urgently provide assistance to the victim, including pre-medical care. And without a first aid kit, even with a minimum set of suitable tools, this can not be done. So, in the office you can’t do without it.

Also, an indication of the need for a first-aid kit can be found in such a document as “Derzhavnі sanitary rules and norms of robots with visual display terminals of electronic calculating machines DSanPIN “. According to this document, workstations with visual display terminals (a computer with a monitor, laptop and the like, except for slot machines and information displays for public use) must be equipped with first-aid kits. True, these standards were developed back in 1998 and apply to devices with visual display terminals (VDT) based on cathode ray tubes (CRT).

Also, a mention of the need for a first-aid kit in the office can be found in the collective agreement of the enterprise. If there is no such document, then the need for its availability is exclusively the good will of the employer.

There are also no legislatively regulated rules for filling and maintaining an office first-aid kit. Its composition can be approved by a general order for the enterprise signed by the head. You can also appoint a person responsible for checking the contents and filling the first-aid kit. This official must promptly report a shortage of medicines according to the list, expiration dates of medicines and other means from the first-aid kit.

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What you need to put in the medicine cabinet?

To answer this question, it is important to clarify the scope of the enterprise, as well as dangerous factors on a specific site (unit, office, etc.), where a certain first-aid kit will be located. For example, it’s difficult to get a burn at the grocery store counter, so the means for healing it are optional here. But cuts here happen much more often.

NOTE . In the European Union, first-aid kits that are located in enterprises are filled exclusively with dressings and light antiseptics. It is believed that this is enough to provide first aid. Everything else is the responsibility of physicians.

Filling the first-aid kit for the office

In Ukraine there is not a single official list of funds for “office” first-aid kits. In this case, one can be guided by the Ministry of Health Order No. 875 of October 11, 2013, which approves the protocols for pharmacists. They recommend collecting a first-aid kit for office space from the following types of medicines:

  • cardiological action;
  • antihypertensive;
  • analgesic and antispasmodic;
  • anti-allergenic;
  • for the treatment of gastrointestinal distress;
  • colds;
  • disinfectants and antiseptics for treating the skin;
  • dressings (bandages, cotton, gauze, etc.) ;
  • medical devices (hemostatic cord, thermometer, scissors, etc. ).

A pharmacist in a pharmacy can help to collect an adequate set of drugs for each position and will give recommendations for their use.

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Car first aid kit

But on motor vehicles, the composition of the first-aid kit is regulated quite clearly. These are the so-called AM-1 and AM-2 kits.

In a car with up to 9 seats, along with the driver’s filling of the first-aid kit is as follows ( in parentheses indicate the number in the set number 2 for cars with seats for more than 9 people):

1. Harness to stop bleeding – 1 (3) pcs;

2. Bandage sterile 5 mx 10 cm – 1 (6) pcs;

3. Napkins with chlorhexidine 6 cm x 10 cm – 2 (9) pcs.

4. Hemostatic napkins with furagin 6 cm x 10 cm – 2 (9) pcs.

5. Sterile dressing package – 1 (4) pcs.

6. Adhesive plaster in a roll of 5 cm x 5 – 1 (3) pcs.

7. Bactericidal patch 2.3 cm x 7.2 cm – 4 (10) pcs.

8. Medical dressing scarf 50 cm x 50 cm – 1 (3) pcs.

9. Iodine solution 5% 10 ml – 1 (2) fl.

10. Butorphanol tartrate 0.2% 1 ml in a syringe tube – 2 (6) units

11. Nitroglycerin 1% in capsules (0,0005) – 20 (40) caps.

12. Blunt-ended scissors – 1 (2) units.

13. Medical gloves N 8 made of polyethylene – 1 (4) pair

14. Film (valve) for mechanical ventilation – 1 (4) units.

15. Sodium sulfacyl 20% 1 ml in a syringe tube – 2 (4) units

16. English pins – 6 (12) pcs.

Only in bundle number 2:

1. Rope for fixing tires – 10 m.

2. Hypothermal portable package-container – 4 pcs.

3. Thermal cover – 4 pcs.

4. Collars for fixing the cervical spine set: 4 sizes for adults, 1 child – 1 pc.

5. Elastic type tires SAM SPLINT for lower limbs – 6 pcs., for upper – 4 pcs.

6. Portable device for mechanical ventilation type “AMBU” – 1 pc.

All products are packaged in a case with identification marks, as well as the instructions for use. Today, car kits are manufactured according to DSTU 3961-2000.


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