How to prevent a fire in the enterprise?

2 July 2020

The fundamentals of fire safety of any enterprise are not only special fire extinguishing agents (“primary fire extinguishing agents”), an alarm system or an evacuation plan. This concept is much deeper and more extensive. The basics of fire safety are laid at the design stage of the building, which will house the future of the enterprise and ends and ends with the definition of smoking areas.


  • Poor power, short circuit
  • Improper storage of flammable things
  • Incorrect operation of equipment, violation of the terms of its inspection and repair
  • Smoking in the wrong places
  • Using an open flame
  • Violation of the rules of operation of household appliances

Fire safety requirements in an enterprise should be strictly followed, as each of the points carries a threat to people’s lives or property damage

It is easier to prevent a fire risk situation than to become its hostage

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The management of the enterprise should appoint responsible persons for each of the premises, buildings, structures or sophisticated technical equipment by order. Employees who are responsible for fire safety must:

  • Monitor the health and availability of a fire extinguisher
  • Place evacuation plans in an accessible place
  • Monitor compliance with the rules of PB by colleagues
  • Equip a smoking area
  • Periodically call a specialized organization to test the fire alarm
  • Respond promptly to technical equipment and electrical network malfunctions
  • Provide fire safety briefings (introductory, periodic and repeated).

It follows from the above that the fire safety of the enterprise as a whole depends on the top management, but the official responsible for each particular section is in charge.


Documents should be in order and without checks, as this is the key to normal trouble-free operation of the enterprise and the calmness of its leaders. In order for both routine activities and inspections to take place without problems, the following documents will be required:

  • Documents on the fire alarm system, alarm, fire suppression.
  • Documents and quality certificates for technical equipment
  • Availability of instructions, magazines briefings on fire safety
  • Order on the establishment of a fire regime
  • Evacuation Plans
  • Order on the appointment of fire safety officers
  • Protocol for measuring insulation resistance and phase-zero loop,

also other documents, the presence of which is due to the fire hazard class of the facility, the specifics of the production, etc.

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It is easier to prevent a fire risk situation than to become its hostage. Therefore, the proper organization of fire safety is the main key to trouble-free operation and property integrity. Elementary rules that will save from fire:

1. Fire extinguishing agents must be in order and in accessible places.

2. Instructing should be carried out fully, and not just collect signatures

3. Once a year it is not bad to conduct a test of the knowledge of employees on health and safety issues

4. Problems with electrical networks need to be addressed within 1 business day

5. Use only factory certified equipment

6. Clean and inspect the ventilation and heating systems once every six months.

Simple precautions will reduce the likelihood of emergency situations.


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