Injury at work

3 August 2017

Official data from trade unions show that a year from industrial accidents and injuries affect 7,000 to 12,000 people. At the same time, union members are confident that the real figure is much larger. Concealment of adverse situations is beneficial for the employer: no unscheduled inspections. But for the employee there is no benefit, on the contrary, with significant injuries, you can be left without work and compensation.

Work injury is any harm done to the body during the work process, and same occupational diseases and poisoning. Occupational injuries also include cases that occurred during the execution of orders outside a permanent place of work, for example, during a business trip or in special vehicles dedicated to delivering personnel to designated places.


The main responsibilities of the injured party are to notify, on their own or with the help of a witness , your immediate supervisor. The immediate supervisor must take measures to transport the patient to a medical facility or call an ambulance.

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After that, you need to notify about the fact that within 1 day from the moment of the accident what happened. Also during the day at the enterprise it is necessary to form a commission to investigate the accident. The commission is formed by order. The commission includes the head of the enterprise, representatives of the legal service and the labor protection service. The head of the victim cannot be included in the commission, as he is an interested person. The commission also includes an expert from Derzhpratsi.

If the accident resulted in death or permanent disability of the victim, such an incident investigated by a special commission. A special commission is formed by the State Commission, the composition of such a commission includes a representative of the employer. If we are talking about poisoning, then an employee of the sanitary and epidemiological station is invited to investigate the accident.

The commission gets acquainted with the materials of the accident (NS): a certificate from the medical institution about the injury and the condition of the patient, explanatory witnesses of the National Assembly, and also conduct investigative actions at the place where the incident occurred.

Not later than 10 days later, the commission must approve the act of an accident at work, as well as establish the degree of guilt of the victim, management and the causes of the injury. The victim or his representative is informed of the decision. The victim may refuse to sign the commission act if he does not agree with the results of the investigation. In this case, this decision can be challenged in court. The basis for payment in case of an industrial injury is a certificate from the hospital and an act drawn up in the form of H1.

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Industrial accidents that entailed a reduction in the ability to work or death of an employee, are compensated in the following order (list of payments made):

  • One-time benefit in the event of a complete loss of professional ability to work or death
  • Payment of sick leave for work-related injuries before recovery / disability
  • Disability pension received at work or in connection with occupational disease
  • Retirement benefit due to injury or occupational disease
  • Help for a dependent child

Compensation for work-related injuries is regulated according to the Labor Code. The assigned amount depends on the officially established remuneration and indexation.


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Injury at work

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