Labor protection outsourcing

You need OSH engineer for the enterprise, but can not find a good expert, or do not want to staff it? The most rational solution in this situation will be to contact company providing outsourcing services for occupational safety and health at enterprises and industrial facilities.

Outsourcing OSH specialist (under the contract) will perform the same tasks as a full-time employee, but more efficiently and at lower costs for the enterprise. Our center renders services of a practiced OSH engineer in Kiev, who arranges effective system of occupational safety and health compliance in industries.

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1. Guarantees.

When working with us, your enterprise receives documentary guarantees for proper and responsible keeping of occupational safety and health documentation in accordance not only with Labor Protection Act of Ukraine, but also with international standards. Assessing company confirmation to labor legislation will be carried out in a short time.

2. Experience.

You receive not just a separate outsourcing OSH engineer, but the entire experience of a whole team of specialists. Owing to that occupational safety and health specialist works not with a single, but with several firms, our team possesses a vast practical experience in solving various tasks in the field of occupational safety and health.

During our outsourcing practice, we encountered different situations — from labour accidents to inspections by regulatory agencies. We have developed a huge number of cases where some or other issues in the field of occupational safety and health, civil defence and fire safety are solved.

Occupational safety and health outsourcing provides us with a great practical experience, and our clients —with opportunity to use this experience and not make their own mistakes when building OSH management system.

Outsourcing OSH engineer always knows and can much more than a full-time engineer.

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3. Business-orientation.

We represent occupational safety and health and business all in one. Our main task is “To ensure that no occupational safety and health and fire safety issues do not interfere with normal operation of the enterprise.” Our engineers are not a separate regulatory body within the company that prohibits and detains, but a competent business partner offering a ready-made, optimal in terms of costs and risks, solution for any question.

4. Speed.

Speed and efficiency of work of occupational safety and health service at your enterprise guarantees the absence of business processes downtimes. Due to our experience, our specialists make decisions very quickly.

5. Continuity.

Outsourcing occupational safety and health engineer never goes on medical leave, nor require vacation. Our specialists work 24/7.

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Labor protection outsourcing

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