DSNS declaration in a short time for entrepreneurs

Declaration of compliance with fire safety requirements from DSNS is a mandatory document for enterprises that are opening a new business or expanding an existing one.

Requirements for obtaining a declaration are set out in the document “On approval of the Procedure for the submission and registration of a declaration of conformity of the material and technical base of a business entity with the requirements of legislation on fire safety”.

Usually it must be obtained to begin work or in the case of a check by firefighters. And here a large number of questions arise:

Where to do fire safety expertise?
How to go through the whole procedure the first time, without returning documents?
How to fill out a declaration?
Where can I find the current declaration form?
Where to submit a completed declaration – to firefighters, to TsNAP, online?

All these issues delay the moment of opening the enterprise and can be arguments for suspending the business, as well as entail the imposition of fines under article 175 of the Administrative Code of Ukraine for the absence of a declaration.

We will help you to avoid all these troubles. RACIO. will become your assistant in paperwork and all related procedures.

Expertise + turnkey fire safety declaration at a price of 15 hryvnia per square meter (for areas of more than 1000 sq. M.).
Kiev, Kiev region, all of Ukraine.
Up to 15 business days.

Who needs the DSNS declaration and when

Fire Safety Declaration ДСНС – a kind of statement or report on the conformity of the material and technical base with the requirements of legislation in the field of fire safety. Its design is mandatory for new enterprises and the beginning of the use of real estate by the business entity. This document once replaced the mandatory permits to start work from firefighters and simplified the procedures necessary for opening an enterprise.

Who is exempted from filing CSN declarations

In order, it is indicated that the declaration may NOT be filed in the following cases:

• use of a trading place (container, kiosk) in the market.
• if the owner of the lease declaration has already registered;
• if the facility was commissioned after construction or reconstruction.

Very often a standard question sounds: Who should file the declaration – the lessee or the lessor?

In the conditions of the Ukrainian rental market, this obligation of course rests with the tenant. In our practice, we have never encountered a situation where a landlord would independently, without pressure from outside, register a declaration.

And even if such a document is filed and registered, firefighters still require tenants to submit their own declarations and undergo separate fire examinations. After all, the space is usually rented out in the form of open spaces in which each of the tenants draws their lines of force, puts partitions, doors, thereby changing the parameters of the room.

New configuration? Please go through the fire examination and file the declaration again.

How is the clearance going?

First, you need to determine which risk category your property belongs to. The procedure for assessing the degree of risk is described in the document: “On the approval of the criteria by which the degree of risk from carrying out economic activities is assessed”

If according to the calculation methodology described in this document your object belongs to the low or medium risk class, then the procedure for submitting a declaration will be as simple as possible for you.

The procedure for its execution was approved by the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of 05.06.2013 No. 440. And it looks like this: the applicant fills out the form – submits it to the DSNS – the NSN registers it. In reality, the process is often delayed due to the return of documents with comments, and sometimes outright nitpicking. Therefore, the design is delayed for an indefinite time instead of a few days.

If your object is a high-risk object – before submitting a declaration you need to go through a fire examination and get a fire safety expert opinion.

Although the phrase “high risk class” sounds threatening, in fact, the vast majority of rental objects belong to this class. Somewhere because of the area, somewhere because of the number of storeys of the building, somewhere because of the number of potential visitors. If you rent a tiny office in a business center, your low-risk 20 square meters are part of the building of the business center, which refers to objects with a high degree of risk and, therefore, your area is also subject to increased risks. This is the logic of the law.

As part of accompanying the passage of a fire examination and receiving a declaration from firefighters, we provide:

1. Preparation of a declaration and related documents.
2. Organization of examination (for objects of increased fire hazard).
3. Filing and registering a declaration.
4. Full support of the processing of your application.
5. Her successful registration.

Rational approach and comfortable conditions

We will prepare documents for registration without errors, and also help to eliminate the requirements if you have already encountered this procedure. Want a comprehensive fire safety solution? We offer to outsource to us the problems of the enterprise in this area. Specify the features of the declaration in your case by phone +38 (044) 360-57-50 or by email


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We would like to note efficient work of this company and its orientation on real business decisions.

Judging by results of our cooperation, we consider it possible to recommend “RACIO.” ( as a reliable and professional partner in the area of labour safety and fire prevention.

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