Primary briefing in the workplace: programs and responsible

3 August 2017

Before a new employee takes up his duties, he must be instructed about his working conditions. It should be understood that the primary instruction is not the training of work skills, since the employee already understands what he will have to do. The tasks of the instructing conversation include an explanation to the employee of the rules that he is obliged to follow. Primary briefing on labor protection is necessary in order to further ensure the safety of the employee during the work.

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You can often hear questions about how to instruct a subordinate and when a primary briefing is conducted. Such a lesson is conducted with a person or group who must start work – that is, immediately before the start of their duties. It should be noted that the conduct of this briefing is recorded in the appropriate journal, which must be properly executed and completed. If you want to verify the correctness of your records, you can use the service “ Occupational Safety Audit “.

For which programs are you given primary instruction?

The conversation should not consist of a few blurry sentences, casually spoken by the authorities. There are special programs. Each program of primary instruction in the workplace is written and created on the basis of standard programs for the protection (safety) of labor or developed from scratch. Thus, the program contains basic concepts of safety at work.

Do not think that the program of conducting a primary briefing on labor protection is one for all. For each field of activity, their own programs are drawn up. Documentation is developed either by the head of the company, or by specialists specially trained and responsible for security. Any program of primary instruction is clearly verified and complies with standards.

The program of the initial briefing on labor protection includes information on:

  • available hardware;
  • workflow;
  • preparing the workplace;
  • instructions for preventing traumatic situations.

For turner, cleaner, programmer, electrician, there are specialized briefing programs.

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Who conducts the primary briefing on labor protection?

Another issue that is often of interest to the management of enterprises and companies is who conducts initial training on labor protection at the workplace. The standards have a clear answer to this question: instructional training is required to be held by a person who directs work. Many companies have their own instructors, whose duties are charged with monitoring security. Most often, in large enterprises it is a separate rate, and in small companies this position is combined.


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Primary briefing in the workplace: programs and responsible

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