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labor lawyerThe services of ordinary lawyers are not enough at problems in occupational safety and health. RACIO. labor lawyer are aware of all the ins and outs of legislation in their field and offer protection of your interests in Kiev and region.

The problems frequently arise from the only one missing document, and walking around cabinets turns into an endless quest.

It is almost impossible to independently take into account all OSH nuances in the company, and this threatens at best with the time-loss, and sometimes the stoppage of enterprise operation or other sanctions on the part of supervisory authorities.


Most often, they are:

1. No specialized specialist on the payroll.
2. Leaders have not enough practical knowledge.
3. Two-way interpretation of the condition in regulatory legal acts.
4. The need for urgent solving of issues.
5. Reduce of the workload on own employees.

Cooperation with an experienced consulting company is the best solution in these case. Even if all the conditions for personnel safety are created at the enterprise, involvement of our experts will speed up the process of resolving issues in governmental authorities.


It depends on each particular case what the service of representation in governmental authorities exactly includes. Considering labour accident, it is necessary to urgently take measures to promptly carry out investigation, reduce penalty load on the enterprise, minimize legal losses and loss of goodwill. If it is employee’s complaint — it is necessary to make sense not only of the normative justification of the complaint, but also the reasons that triggered it.

The number of practical cases, as well as the options for their solution, can not be calculated. Each case is unique in its own way and requires for individual approach.

Owing to great practical experience, our labor lawyer will quickly make sense of all the circumstances of the accident and will make an optimal decision as soon as possible.

Maintenance of OSH inspection, assistance in preparing for the inspection, resolution of disputes with the regulatory authorities or your personnel — these and many other issues on occupational safety and health are our responsibility.

For each case, an individual solution and its own plan of actions are elaborated. These all depend on what task you need to solve, and which ways of implementation are approved in practice.


Place confidence in professionals and get pleasant benefits from their work. For example, occupational safety and health audit will show which problem areas exist in your business, and by which risks it is accompanied. This procedure is free for enterprises in Kiev. You can order it, as well as other services, after free of charge consultation with the specialists of our consulting company.
Representation of you in Kiev governmental authorities will become our concern. We guarantee compliance with the laws of Ukraine and the established rules.

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Representation of the client in governmental authorities. labor lawyer services

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