Labor protection in the office

2 August 2017

Labor protection is an important system of norms and measures, the observance of which helps to preserve both the life and health of workers during their performance duties. Office labor protection consists of legal norms and safety rules, some of which are dictated by the state, and some are developed directly at the enterprise. It is believed that in offices there are no adverse working conditions. This is not true. Various harmful and dangerous factors can affect the health of people in an office building:

1. The most common hazard factor is electric current. He is dangerous because of his ubiquity and the inability to identify him until his injury.

2. The issue of lighting the workplace is important. Especially for staff who spend most of their time working near a computer.

3. An equally important issue for ensuring security in the office is compliance with fire safety rules. It is necessary not only to teach staff to correctly handle household and office electrical equipment, but also to organize training on fire evacuation with the inclusion of warning systems about the start of a fire. Possessing all this knowledge and skills, it is possible to identify the source of the fire in a short time and prevent its subsequent spread.

4. Evacuation trainings, thorough knowledge of emergency exit routes in unforeseen difficult situations are the key to the fire safety of the office. The largest percentage of deaths due to fire is associated with panic and carbon monoxide poisoning due to the inability to find a way out of the office.

In the complex, all these events are nothing more than labor protection by office staff.

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In addition to observing fire safety standards, you should try to carry out sanitary and hygiene measures for labor protection for office workers. Office premises should be wet-cleaned twice a day. Once every seven days, it is necessary to carry out wet cleaning with a disinfectant to clean bacteria surfaces, especially when daily visiting the office with a large number of customers, suppliers, staff.

Office space should be double wet cleaning day!

The location of workstations must be done correctly, according to sanitary standards (SNIP) and building codes (DBN). The aisles between tables should be made wide enough to reduce the possibility of injury in the workplace.
The batteries, heating pipes, water pipes, cables must be securely hidden from free access to personnel. Each office should have a first aid kit with drugs for first aid, as well as fire extinguishers with a normal shelf life.


The supervisor or manager must conduct initial training at the workplace for staff on admission. Every employee should know:

  • The list of harmful and dangerous factors that will affect it during the work;
  • Safety rules at your workplace;
  • Rules for Using Fire Extinguishers;
  • Instructions for the equipment used.

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Initial and repeated briefing for office workers is provided by the employee’s manager. The briefing can be introductory (carried out upon hiring), primary, repeated, unscheduled (applied when changes are made to the rules) and targeted (when the employee is sent to work not related to his main activity). After the briefing, an oral survey of the instructed is carried out, the knowledge acquired by him is checked. Personnel who are not involved in servicing machinery, repairing equipment, and also do not use a power tool can be exempted from re-instructing in labor protection by a special order for the enterprise.


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