Occupational safety and health protection services

Over the years, Racio. has been providing the high-quality services in the field of occupational safety and health at the enterprises, production facilities, construction sites, and many other objects of labor activity in Kiev.

We offer ready-made solutions for our clients and professional provision of OSH services during governmental inspections, accidents, and in cases when different work permits and certificates are required.

If you faced with non-standard or critical situation in operating processes, and you do not know how to solve it, please contact us without any doubts!

The main OSH services from our specialists:

Occupational safety and health audit
Outsourcing of occupational safety and health system
OSH documents development

What to do if you need to create occupational safety and health service, develop OSH documents or urgently prepare for occupational safety and health audit? Some day or other, these questions arise before the heads of enterprises and firms in Ukraine and Kiev. There are three answers to them — two are correct, and one is wrong.

1. You may do nothing at all.

Such a decision will allow you to quietly exist at Ukrainian and Kiev market without any occupational safety and health, fire safety, instructions, logs and other codes and standards.
Until such time as the inspection authorities will arrive, an accident occur, business partners require documents on that company has occupational safety and health service in place, documentation is developed, training and learnings are conducted, all necessary permits are obtained. Such documentation is most commonly requested by governmental agencies (especially when participating in tenders) and foreign-owned companies.

2. You can hire an occupational safety and health engineer.

What are the main disadvantages of such a decision?
In the first instance, it is introduction of a new staffing position with all that it entails in the form of taxes, deductions, etc.
In the second instance, there is a large deficit of good specialists at occupational safety and health services market — mainly, they are retirees who, due to their age and experience, are not always able to get a sense of business processes of the modern enterprise, or young specialists, having neither enough experience for occupational safety and health engineer, nor adequate motivation level.

3. Occupational safety and health specialists on outsourcing or development of OSH documentation on a turn-key basis.

Clothes sewn by a professional tailor always fit better than those bought in store. That is unquestionable fact.
And OSH documentation developed in compliance with all of statutory provisions on occupational safety and health, but adapted for the specific enterprise and its structure, will not interfere with company’s daily life. Many rudiments dating back to USSR occupational safety remained in Ukrainian legislation.

Occupational safety regulatory framework is full of different readings, ambiguities and understatements. In our “engineering studio”, on the basis of existing legislative instruments, we build a system that will completely protect the management and personnel of the enterprise from any contingencies, but at the same time will not lie on the owner with unaffordable financial and resource-related burden.

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