Civil defense: documents and training

Packages of documents on civil defense and shelters and civil defense training can help to lower the risks for your employees.


It depends on whether your company is a high-risk facility. 

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If your company is not a high-risk facility, then you will need the following set of documents for civil defense:

  • Regulations on the Commission on Emergency Situations;
  • Regulations on the structural unit for civil defense;
  • Instructions on actions of the company’s personnel in the event of a threat or occurrence of emergencies;
  • Civil Protection Plan for a special period;
  • Evacuation plan for the population (personnel);
  • Map (diagram) to the Evacuation Plan;
  • Emergency plan;
  • General training program for employees;
  • Program of Special Training for Employees of Specialized Civil Protection Services and Formations;
  • Additional Training Program on Technogenic Safety of Employees;
  • Fire and technical minimum training program for employees;
  • Program of accelerated training of employees for actions in a special period;
  • Schedule of special facility exercises and training on civil protection;
  • Information and reference corner on civil protection;
  • Nomenclature and volumes of material reserves for prevention and elimination of consequences of emergencies;
  • Decision on determining the location of material reserves.

If your company is a high-risk facility, the package of documents should be developed individually, taking into account the location of the enterprise, types of substances, number of personnel, company management structure, etc.

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If there is a shelter on the territory of your company that is part of the Fund of Protective Structures (i.e., included in the Book of Civil Defense Protective Structures (full-fledged bomb shelters) or the Book of Dual-Purpose Structures and Simple Shelters (passages, basements, parking lots), you need to get it registered:

  • A decree on the establishment of a fund for civil defense protective structures;
  • Books of records of civil defense protective structures (shelters, radiation shelters);
  • Passports of civil protection structures (shelters, radiation protection shelters);
  • Plan for bringing a protective structure into readiness;
  • Act of technical inventory of a protective structure;
  • Registration cards of civil protection structures (shelters, radiation shelters).


To ensure that you and your employees act confidently and clearly in the event of danger, listen to our most relevant training since 2022: civil defense. It will familiarize listeners with the different types of current hazards and how to behave in each case. 

What’s inside:

  • What really happens during an air raid
  • Mine and explosive safety
  • Chemical safety
  • Nuclear safety
  • Being taken into captivity
  • Medical care in critical conditions

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Civil defense: documents and training

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