Hazardous works permit

Enterprises of Kiev and across Ukraine dealing with hazardous works must obligatorily obtain a special permit. This is stipulated by Labour Protection Act of Ukraine.

For this purpose, the employer or its authorized persons (OSH engineer, etc.) need to pass a number of procedures and obtain other documents. The permit itself is issued in 10 days after filing of application, but preparation stage may be delayed for an indefinite period.

RACIO. proposes to obtain the permit for hazardous works in the capital with observance of all statutory requirements as soon as possible. A professional approach makes it possible to do this at no extra cost.

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1. Determination of the list of hazardous works.
2. Preparation of the package of documents and passing of expert review.
3. Submission of documents for obtaining of permit.

I.Firstly, one needs to determine whether works from the established list of hazards are performed at the enterprise. You can do it yourself having studied Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine No. 1107 Concerning Approval of the Procedure for Issuing Permits on the Performance of Hazardous Works and Operation (Application) of Hazardous Machines, Machinery, and Facilities.

II. After you come up with the list, you need to execute a set of OSH documents (instructions, regulations, orders, procedures, process maps, etc.) for testing by the expert technical center and pass expert review of the documentation and infrastructure of the enterprise.

III. If the opinion is positive (occupational safety and health rules are respected), then it is possible to draw up application directly for obtaining of the permit and submit it for consideration to the administrative services provision center. If expert review findings are negative, comments may be corrected and evaluation procedure re-passed.


At first view, the requirements are fairly simple. However, it is a rather difficult task to understand which documents should be submitted to experts, how to receive some or other documents more quickly and less costly, how to reduce the number of documents required for the expert review.

You can independently walk in a circle, receive reprimands and returns acquiring invaluable but very expensive experience of obtaining permits for hazardous works.

We would recommend to address us for obtaining of permit. And for finding out of missing documents — order the free of charge occupational safety and health audit in Kiev. After that you can perform hazardous works throughout the entire territory of Ukraine, and not only in Kiev and region.

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Hazardous works permit in Ukraine is valid for 5 years. If this period expires, and the document was issued after year 2011, it is renewed for another 5 years.

There are nuances in this process: in case of violations of occupational safety and health rules revealed from the moment of obtaining of the permit, renewal provides for re-passing of the expert review. Labour accidents with severe injuries or lethal outcomes, emergency situations are also taken into account. If there are no complaints from the supervisory authorities, a minimum set of documents is required for renewal.

Since legislation regularly changes, in common with the list of hazardous works, and public services are reorganized, it may be difficult to obtain the permit in Kiev.

RACIO. is always aware of news on its profiles, which guarantees quality of services in the field of occupational safety and health.

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