Investigation of labour accidents

A labour accident always brings problems to employer and his/her company. It is necessary to emergently gather and set up a commission, collect a package of OSH documents, carry out investigation of the accident.

Attending offices, communicating with unpleasant representatives of the regulatory agencies, and all these under stress from situation itself and shortage of time. The task of investigation of the accident often turns into intricate and hopeless quest.
How you can defend your rights and minimize risks for the enterprise in such situation? Due to accelerated speed of decision-making and external pressure, most employers make serious mistakes.

Racio. will become your advocate and attendant at all stages: from notification of the incident to preparation of instructions after investigation of labour accident. Do not waste precious time on erroneous and chaotic actions, rely on OSH specialists.

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We understand that Ukrainian occupational safety and health laws are not ideal and admit various two-valued interpretations. Owing to our extensive practice, we know how to act in some or other case, which decisions exist in Ukrainian legislative regulatory documentations for a particular case, and how this or that emergency may be treated.
We spend minimum of time on making decisions and do not make mistakes in our actions. You can buy our experience and knowledge or pay for your own experience several-fold more. The accident has already occurred and it is a matter of seconds? We can maximally turn the situation to your advantage and avoid serious consequences.

Practice and laws show that the following is of great importance in case of accident:

  • Timely notification of regulatory authorities on labour accident;
  • Competent and quick setting up of investigative commission;
  • Correct execution of investigation materials.

Communication with governmental officials is a process that requires tranquillity, specific knowledge and gift for persuasion. Our specialists communicate with inspectors in the language they understand. We will protect you interests without succumbing to pressure, “solving problems”, acting only within the framework of laws.

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There are many precedents when investigation of labour accidents in Ukraine is made incorrectly — from almost classic delay notification of the accident to more complex cases. For example, simulation of injury by an employee or concealment of accident by regional leaders. Regulatory authorities do not always have competent and knowledgeable employees, so the probability of error is very high on their part.

You need professional assistance, if you encountered:

  • unreasonable classification of the consequences of labour accident;
  • can not sign an accident investigation certificate;
  • feel pressure on the part of regulatory authorities;
  • failed to submit notice to legal authorities in due time.

We will find a specific decision for your problem, draw up a plan of effective actions and implement it as soon as possible! Our Company provides a full range of services for representation of you in governmental authorities and occupational safety and health inspections.
Adequately, promptly, competently — that is how specialists of RACIO. Occupational Safety Center work! We will provide you with competent assistance in any non-standard situation associated with the accidents at productive facilities, irrespective of their complexity levels.

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Investigation of labour accidents

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