Labor protection service: tasks, functions, documentation

3 August 2017

According to the Law on Labor Protection, the provision on the labor protection service at an enterprise prescribes its creation from the moment The number of staff reaches 50 people. As an alternative, the employer is allowed to enter the position of such a specialist or to conclude an outsourcing agreement with an official structure that has the right to carry out protection measures labor. Substantial clarification: to occupy the position of engineer for occupational health in production can only be an employee with a higher technical, sometimes secondary technical education, preferably – Engineering, specializing in labor protection, with sufficient work experience and appropriate training.

The day-to-day organization of labor protection at the enterprise begins with the head issuing an order to organize the security service labor in the enterprise, which regulates its activities, and defines the tasks.


The main tasks of the labor protection service include the introduction of special processes, various aspects of the enterprise’s activities and its personnel, affecting on safety of production, preservation of life and health of people. These include:

  • developing the necessary documents on labor protection for the company
  • Ensuring that employees comply with the rules and requirements of labor protection, OT regulations, collective agreement conditions;
  • control of working conditions, compliance with sanitary and hygienic norms of labor legislation;
  • prevention of industrial injuries, promotion of positive solutions that increase the safety of production processes;
  • informing employees about safe work rules.

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The implementation of the tasks defines the functions of the department of labor protection at the enterprise. The main ones are:

  • comprehensive analysis of the state of labor protection in the enterprise;
  • prevention of occupational injuries and occupational diseases;
  • developing together with responsible specialists measures to improve working conditions;
  • monitoring the fulfillment of the terms of the employment contract in the area of ​​improving working conditions, improving the health of workers who have unhealthy working conditions;
  • participation in the introduction of modern standards of safe work;
  • introduction of scientific research and development proposals that increase production safety;
  • regular monitoring of the technical condition of buildings, equipment, including those affecting the creation of healthy working conditions, participation in the work of commissions that perform these functions;
  • conducting or organizing all types of company briefings.


There are mandatory requirements for what documents on labor protection should be in the enterprise . First of all, there should be a position on the department of labor protection (or its representative office), as well as job descriptions of specialists.

In addition, the list of documents on labor protection at the enterprise should contain:

  • introductory and initial briefing programs and journals that register them;
  • necessary instructions for labor protection by type of work and by specialty;
  • Journals, recording their availability, as well as issuing to relevant services and specialists;
  • list of occupations with harmful working conditions and requiring constant medical supervision;
  • orders for the appointment of persons responsible for occupational safety at different production sites;
  • collective agreement;
  • a program to ensure and improve labor protection at work;
  • order for certification of workplaces;
  • a register of industrial injuries and measures to eliminate the circumstances that provoked them.

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In addition, documentation on labor protection at the enterprise should contain the main forms of state reporting on labor protection; provisions for compensation for harmful or dangerous conditions of professional activity; injury reporting forms and other documents that contribute to improving the efficiency of labor protection and industrial safety.


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Labor protection service: tasks, functions, documentation

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