10 simple ways to reduce the risk of injury. Labor protection in the office.

3 August 2017

Work on a personal computer is one of the harmful production factors that causes the main damage to the health of office staff. All over the world, the use of PCs in workplaces that 5 years ago were not equipped with computers, leads to a significant increase in minor industrial injuries and the emergence of various occupational diseases.

The main work of the service labor protection in the office, should be focused on the prevention of occupational diseases among office staff. In the course of the activity of our “RACIO Labor Protection Center.”, We have developed a number of professional advice on how to reduce the harmful effects associated with the use of computers by your staff.

The main health problems caused by the effects of computers and peripheral equipment arise as a result of the cumulative traumatic effect associated with the duration of work behind a PC. The effect was called cumulative because, until a certain point, before reaching a certain critical mass, it almost does not manifest itself externally. That is, the vision can hold at 100% percent for several years and then sharply, in a few months, fall by 15-20 percent. The same effect is observed with diseases of the musculoskeletal system.

We should not forget about the general level of fatigue, which accumulates, ultimately leads to stress or, even worse, to psychological disorders. No wonder they say: “Burned at work” or “burned out.” Be alert. If the symptoms of fatigue persist after a long night of rest, it means that a “cumulative” breakthrough is possible soon, which will lead to stress.

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How to mitigate the impact on the staff looks nice, but still aggressive office environment?

Here are 10 simple steps to ensure a healthy work space:

1. Remember the “tunnel syndrome” of the wrist and hand. Set a simple timer on your computer that will remind you of the need to take a break, freeing yourself from the mouse and keyboard. During the break, do simple gymnastics – movements with your hands, as if you were washing your hands.

2. Adjust the table and chair. Your arms, forearms, and shoulders should be completely relaxed. Your body spends an enormous amount of energy on maintaining an uncomfortable posture throughout the day.

3. Avoid glare on the computer monitor. This is the most common cause of eye fatigue.

4. Work with a light background screen. When working with information on a light or white background, the eyes get less tired.

5. Position the monitor and source documents so that they are approximately the same distance from your eyes. Use document holders in close proximity to the monitor.

6. Since your eyes constantly use the same focal length when working with a monitor, from time to time you look to the side and focus it on a distant object – a tree outside a window, a cloud or just the farthest object in your office.

7. Periodically change the position of the body during the day.

8. The keyboard should be located at a comfortable level in front of you. It is important to ensure proper elbow height, which allows you to hold your arms with straight wrists.

9. It is important to be completely relaxed while working on the computer. Constant tension of the neck and shoulder girdle can lead to microtraumas.

10. A good chair or chair significantly reduces the risk of lower back pain. The ergonomic chair provides comfortable support for the lower back and thus relieves it.

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Using these simple tips, along with compliance with occupational health and fire safety standards, you will greatly reduce the risk of occupational injury, work accident or occupational disease in your office.


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10 simple ways to reduce the risk of injury. Labor protection in the office.

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