Top 5 Required Safety Instructions

3 August 2017

The effective work of the service responsible for industrial safety begins with briefing new employees. And eachlabor protection check helps to find out how effective this is and determine concrete measures to eliminate the identified problems and prevent their occurrence in the future. It is not by chance that pragmatic specialists in this field have created various types of safety and occupational safety briefings.

Introductory and Primary Instructions on Occupational Safety and Security

There are two forms of instructing beginners – introductory and, so-called, “in the workplace” or primary. It should be understood how the introductory instruction differs from the primary one.

According to the instructions, conducting an introductory briefing on labor protection is assigned to engineer for labor protection or another labor protection worker who has the necessary training and powers It is mandatory not only for those who go to a permanent job, but also temporary workers (for example, a contractor who came to your office to install an air conditioner), seconded employees of other enterprises, trainee students and even students who came to the excursion .

In contrast to the introductory, the initial briefing is conducted at the workplace by the supervisor, who will then be solely responsible for the new employee. It is also required: 

  • before performing a new task;
  • when transferring an employee from one site to another;
  • for builders working on the territory of the enterprise;
  • students during practical training or before work related to the study of a new topic.

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Labor protection legislation clearly defines when re-briefing of various categories of workers is conducted. For most of the production workers, it should take place at least once every six months. But in coordination with the state labor safety supervision authorities, the frequency of re-briefing can be adjusted, and for employees of certain specialties and categories such interviews can be held once a year. Their goal is to check the staff knowledge of the rules, instructions and safety requirements. For workers who perform work of increased risk, repeated instruction is held once every three months.

Unscheduled health and safety briefing

In cases when an unscheduled briefing is held, its main purpose is to study: </ span> </ p>

– New instructions or standards introduced in the enterprise;

– features of changes in process technology and new equipment;

– consequences of dangerous behavior in production and ways to prevent them;

– New documents of bodies of state supervision of labor protection and other documents.

Individual or collective unscheduled briefing on labor protection is carried out by the head of the unit directly at the workplace and does this depending on the specific circumstances.

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Targeted briefing

There are situations when employees are involved in performing non-characteristic duties, for example:

  • work outside the enterprise, 
  • loading and unloading, 
  • cleaning the area, 
  • elimination of the results of elements, 
  • elimination of the consequences of the accident, etc. 

Targeted briefing on labor protection is conducted by the manager of upcoming work. The time and day when the target briefing is conducted, as in all previous cases, is recorded in the journal. 


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Top 5 Required Safety Instructions

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