Occupational safety trainings

Occupational safety and fire safety training

An employer’s duty is to create conditions that allow the employee to come to and leave work in the same package with two arms, two legs, and two eyes.

An employee’s duty is to follow rules that ensure that he will not kill himself or his co-workers, guests, customers, and counterparties.

So that employees know what rules they should follow, the experts of Racio. have developed a series of trainings. Since we ourselves had attended many boring, stupid and useless trainings, we had something to fall back on. We decided to use another approach, which can be described in three sentences:

  1. Talk to people not about rules, but about people.
  2. Not to frighten people with scary examples, but to explain the logic of incidents.
  3. Develop a proactive perception of the environment.

Based on this approach, we have developed trainings on the following topics:

  • Office Safety
  • Fire Safety
  • Electrical Safety
  • Material handling
  • Trucking
  • Antistress
  • Civil Defense

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Training for all office employees

What’s inside:

  • Classic “office” illnesses
  • Hazards in the office, how to avoid them
  • Pre-hospital care


Training for office workers

What’s inside:

  • How does a fire work?
  • How to prevent fire?
  • Fire extinguisher: how to use it properly


What’s inside:

  • What is electricity?
  • Electricity hazards
  • How to prevent them


What’s inside:

  • 5 principles of the heavy lifting
  • Requirements for storage hardware and people
  • How to work with forklifts


What’s inside:

  • Risks of working in a warehouse
  • Typical illnesses of warehouse workers
  • Legal regulations
  • Manual handling of heavy loads
  • Mechanized loading
  • Major risks and injuries

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Driver Training

What’s inside:

  • Pre-trip physicals, the traffic sheet, and other legends
  • Safe Driving Factors
  • 50 practical rules of “You never have to…”


Training for all, our clients’ favorite training

What’s Inside:

  • What is stress
  • Sources of stress — what makes us angry and why
  • 5 levels of stress management


Training for all, the most current training since 2022

What’s Inside:

  • What happens during an airborne alert
  • Mine and explosive safety
  • Chemical safety
  • Nuclear security
  • Being taken into captivity
  • Critical care medical care

Racio Training. — is an educational and entertaining event for anyone who thinks safety is necessary but boring.

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