Typical violations of labor protection requirements

3 August 2017

There are few companies that have no labor safety violations at work. Since keeping track of everything is impossible. The task of the head of any company is to create such conditions in which the influence of hazardous factors on employees is completely excluded. In order to verify the organization of labor protection, labor inspections are created, a audit of the labor protection management system .

Most often, if a breach of labor protection is detected at the workplace, fines immediately follow deviations from the standards. The amount of penalties depends on the seriousness of the violation and its consequences.

Responsibility for violation of labor protection requirements can be not only material, but also disciplinary criminal or administrative. The type and measure of punishment is determined by the severity of the violation.

Avoid sanctions related to violation of labor protection rules by employees, if you know the most common, typical, violations of safety standards. If the manager is aware of what should not be allowed in the workplace, he is potentially able to provide safe working conditions for his employees and thereby increase their work efficiency.

Do not allow labor safety violations

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1. Lack of briefings and practical trainings during which safety precautions are explained:

  • No internship, familiarization with hazardous areas in the workplace;
  • The knowledge of employees about basic labor protection requirements is not tested.

More often, injuries and tragic incidents during the workflow are a direct result of work employees without coaching at the workplace. Therefore, make sure that lectures and briefings are prepared and delivered in a timely manner.

2. The mode of work and rest is not respected correctly, employees are involved in fulfilling their duties on weekends, overtime (work beyond normal working hours ) several days in a row. Other manifestations of the same violation include:

  • Lack of accounting for the duration of work that was done overtime;
  • Violation of the duration of the weekly rest of employees.

Physical fatigue is accompanied by loss of attention, which can cause an accident.

3. Work without personal protective equipment is the most flagrant violation, since it often leads to serious injury. Employees of the labor protection service must monitor the issuance of personal protective equipment and their use by employees.

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4. Another gross violation: workers were allowed to work without medical examination. Performing such an employee work incompatible with his state of health, can lead to the development of serious diseases.

  • No internship, familiarization with hazardous areas at workplaces.

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Typical violations of labor protection requirements

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