World Labor Day

день охраны труда

Every year the world celebrates the date of Labor Safety Day. It is celebrated on April 28, starting in 1989. Labor Day in Ukraine is also celebrated at many industrial complexes and institutions.

Today, occupational safety at the enterprise is a matter of special importance. Celebrating the holiday is not just taken formally. An order is drawn up to hold an occupational safety day, where a program of all activities is written, meetings with safety experts, seminars, readiness tests for difficult situations are held. It is also possible to hold competitions with awards to winners.

Labor Day at the enterprise

To prevent the creation of an emergency or abnormal situation during work in production, it is necessary to competently approach the problems of protection of labor safety.

Avoid workplace injuries location

Therefore, on the Occupational Safety Day should be given a place to certify employees perhaps even with an unscheduled medical examination. But this is only one of the possible proposals. Activities may be different, but there is a rule: this day should not fall on the weekend. It is also impossible to combine events with holidays, than sometimes some leaders sin. At weekends and on holidays, employees should rest at home.

Therefore, all events dedicated to the labor date should be held during working hours. Experts advise to take for the day of labor protection at the company or Thursday, or Wednesday – that is, the middle of the week, when the work activity is the highest.

Occupational safety measures at Enterprise

How to spend a day of labor protection, leadership should take care in advance and not only post the order, but also make a detailed plan. The list of celebrations can include:

inspections of working conditions or complex labor protection audit ;

lectures on labor safety (with video);

contests among the best employees;

classes on the use of protective equipment in emergency situations at work.

No one forbids in the plan of labor protection measures the company to enter and joint competitions with employees of other industries, whose activities are in the same segment. And so that all employees could feel the solemnity of the day, you can make posters in advance and decorate the premises. The program of the day of labor protection can be intense, but the main thing is that the classes and seminars should not be boring. Therefore, it is worth thinking about how to make speeches useful. Employees must understand that the company cares above all about their safety at work.