What documents on labor protection should be in the office?

2 August 2017

Full documentation package , which regulates the safety of workers, contains provisions, instructions, journals of briefings, in which it is necessary to make notes on the activities carried out. This documentation also includes orders and directives where employees are assigned responsible for certain areas or equipment. In order for the documentation to be considered complete, it is necessary to add to it a log book of instruction, lists of workplaces with dangerous or harmful working conditions.

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The main provisions that must be in labor protection engineer, regulate:

  • conducting briefings and monitoring their effectiveness,
  • regular medical examinations,
  • the work of authorized representatives of the labor protection service.

The second section of the documentation on labor protection are instructions on general issues of labor protection, fire safety, sanitation and electrical safety. This section contains instructions:

  • for introductory briefings,
  • about fire safety;
  • on the provision of emergency first aid,
  • sanitation and hygiene;
  • technology work on copiers and personal computers;
  • on general electrical safety issues;
  • for safety of workers driving vehicles of category” B “.

Instructions are executed in relevant logs.

Important documents for the labor protection service are orders and instructions relating to fire safety, sanitation and electrical safety. Provisions and orders are made to the documentation of the labor protection engineer, depending on the specifics of the company. Their preparation and approval is the responsibility of the OT service engineer.

Orders are made for approval of the following provisions:

  • about testing basic knowledge of OT;
  • fire safety knowledge control;
  • about passing medical examinations;
  • regulatory responsibilities of health and safety officials;
  • approving instructions for the protection of fire and fire safety;
  • about activating the fire mode.

Also, an order is assigned to the person responsible for the safety and technical condition of road transport.

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The next item is a program for occupational safety, fire safety, sanitation and electrical safety, namely the program:

1. An introductory briefing where employees learn about general occupational safety issues.

2. Introductory fire safety briefing.

3. Assignments to personnel of the first electrical safety group.

4. Electrical safety knowledge tests for electrical personnel.

5. The procedure for removal from staff work under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Such magazines are definitely kept:

1. OT registration instruction log.

2. A register of workplace safety briefings.

3. Fire safety briefing.


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