Labor safety audit – what, how, why and why?

3 August 2017

So our texts could begin if we ordered them from copywriters or ceo optimizers. But we are forced to write on our own. Threats, blackmail, humiliation …

Let’s talk about the audit of labor protection. This is completely called – “audit of the OSH management system at the enterprise.” Yes, the Law does mention that the owner must conduct certain audits. At the same time, there is no explanation as to what exactly should be included in such an audit, what the audit report should be, what are the terms and frequency of its conduct. And simply – “should”, “audit”, “in case of failure – execution”.

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Despite the vagueness of the rule of law, an occupational safety audit is ordered and, perhaps, after the trainings, is the most labor-intensive part of our work.

The most common task is as follows: here we have a folder, there is something in it, Anechka did there, then Viktor Ivanovich, when Anechka went on maternity leave, then Tanya came out of the accounting department (she was appointed), then Anechka will be released soon and she will be busy.

Understand other people’s documents, which at different times downloaded from various sites, somehow signed, put in a folder and then forgot why they did it is still a pleasure. But …

When we order an audit of such documentation, we always honestly say that it is cheaper and easier to take this folder to a waste ground, burn it , bury the ashes in the same place and not go to that place for thirty years and three years. Then order from us a new set of documents on labor protection, “from scratch”. Demolishing an old building and building a new one in its place is always cheaper and faster than restoring the ruin. In the end, the audit will still indicate that most of the documents need to be redone. We are of course more pleased to receive money from you twice, but … damn honesty and mother’s education …

Sometimes we still fail to convince the owner of the cost and futility of an audit of such a labor protection management system and he, despite the costs wants to know all the bitter truth. This is where the audit begins.

The most important thing in the audit that we conduct for our clients (this is how we see our task) is to find in this folder < b> the labor protection management system , and not the labor protection , as such. There are no documents from the Internet, and they will coincide with the staffing and business processes of the company, but they do not form systems.

Systematicity implies closed documentation. In case of force majeure circumstances (injury, accident, etc.), a business owner who could afford such a luxury as a “labor protection service” should establish a chain of fault of his subordinates from top management to the injured employee . In the end, the owner pays for this salary to specialists of the same labor protection service (OT engineer or part-time worker), managers and has the right for his money, as they say in Odessa: “have your own piece of peace and quiet.”

So, randomly collected documents of such a system do not form. They give only the illusion of the existence of labor protection at the enterprise (“Anya goes there, collects signatures”), but it is worth reading their contents … It turns out that the responsibility for labor protection is not distributed, no one is responsible for equipment or specific work, documents entered into effect incorrectly or failed to sign at all, and so on and so forth. As a result, the director is guilty as always. We reflect this in the report, the company orders a new set of documents. And at this moment I want to say: “But we did!” But we should not say that.

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There are, of course, other cases – industrial and manufacturing enterprises that want to assess the adequacy and extent of security measures applied, conflict situations between labor protection engineer and company management (in our practice there were cases when the labor protection engineer blocked the work of his own factory for a week ), enterprises that want to obtain justifications for the head office of those or other capital costs and so on.

In these cases, you definitely need to conduct a deep and comprehensive audit not only of the OSH management system, but also of the production base, and audit the knowledge of managers , check the actual performance of work in the field, etc. These are complex and complex tasks for which we always undertake with excitement and pleasure.


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