Who is assigned 1 group for electrical safety?

11 December 2019

Very often, questions of determining the category of workers to whom the I group for electrical safety should be assigned arise during inspections of business entities by regulatory authorities, in particular, Gostrud inspectors.

During inspections of enterprises that have only office workers on their staff, Gostrud inspectors oblige all employees (especially those who work at the computer) to assign I electrical safety group, motivating that during work, the risk of electric shock may be in any workplace.

In this case, the inspector completely ignores the arguments that the requirements for the operation of computer and office equipment as electrical equipment are taken into account in the relevant labour protection instructions.

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As well as the indication that the NPAOP 0.00-7.15-18 directly, “Robots with external annexes,” does not require the assignment of any electrical safety group.

And everything would be fine if the assignment I was limited to the development of a separate instruction (“think, write another instruction”) and the briefing.


“Instruction with electrical workers on the first group may be bad for the person;

As you can see, even having developed the appropriate instructions, the immediate supervisor, who according to clause 6.8 of NPAOP 0.00-4.12-05 “Type of procedure for the procedure for starting and changing knowledge” must conduct instruction for his subordinates, does not have the right to conduct such instruction on І group for electrical safety, if he does not have ІІІ group for electrical safety (and he is not an electrical worker at the same time) or if he is not the person responsible for the electrical industry).

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But many enterprises rent premises in business centres and do not have electricians or power engineers on their staff. What do they do? To hire a person who will deal exclusively with the briefing for group I?

But that is not all. Consider the order of assignment of the I group, which is indicated all in the same paragraph 2.1.3


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